Welcome to the world of…

Oceanna Visions

Master Shaman & Artist


I AM Oceanna

“I Am known as Oceanna.
One Rainbow expression of a glorious, potent Universe!”

The Islands called Oceanna and she answered, diving into a life-altering journey, she re-began her life experience in Maui, 1998. Everything changed, blossomed and awakened, in the rich and multilayered offerings of Hawaii. The Aina began lifting her wings, opening her breath, and calling her into a deeper inquiry.

Within the span of 7  years, many teachers led her steps and she now shares this immense, and sacred gift with her community. With 18 years of Lomilomi offerings through her loving heart to yours, you are invited… COME.


“IT’S ALL LOVE. This work is prayer in action… through Loving hands of ALOHA.” ~ Auntie Margaret

Offering Hawaiian Lomilomi Bodywork Journeys.
Oceanna dances with Breath, Touch and Sound. Sacred space, ceremony, and vision flowing through the body – these are  essential presence practices of LOMI LOMI Journey.

The art of Lomilomi is an on going, infinite unfolding life-long marriage. So many levels of awakening are available in this lifted harmonic frequency.

During a session, the body’s elemental Nature of Water Wind Fire and Earth is summoned, and magnified as the Dance of flight Ka’aleleu carries the Aloha current through giver and receiver.

Music, rhythm, chant, and movement build the wave for this offering.

During a session, a shift occurs, an opening, a feeling of birth, a “coming home”  is often an experience described by the receiver.

May the Winds we breathe amplify our love in the Mana of our Being.
May the Sun of our passion and clarity be ignited through this art of touch.
May the Waters of our body remember the gift of divinity.
Our inherent blueprint within this human experience.

So as my Breath Aligns my thought
So as my thought expresses my intention
So as my body receives the vision
I Am Creating my world


The Blessing | 60 minutes | 65.00

Kahiloa Session | 90 minutes | 90.00

Full Lomilomi Session | 2 hours | 180.00


In person and On line Clarifying and grounding Intention – Manifestation Ritual

Call Oceanna to book session at (805) 331-1331

Offering Lomilomi TRAININGS

Coming June 2018

in Hawaiian Temple Style Lomilomi Bodywork Therapies – In Person



Inspired Visionary Paintings Heralding the Magnificent Human Potential


Create With Oceanna

Accessing the Artist Zone

Preparation in Creating Visionary Art. Entering the ZONE with me.


Personal Essence Paintings

Sacred Art, reflecting into the nature of the receiver is Soul Essence Painting. This painting is the outcome of a deep dive into Archetypal layers and qualities of one’s inner Self.  We will discover geometries and soul lineages; colors and line rhythms and inner visions will emerge. The visioning journey is strong for both the Artist and Receiver of the piece. Essence pieces, being much like a birth, requires time for preparation;  sketching and collaboration to evolve and bring the images forward.
 Pricing for Essence Paintings will be custom to each piece:
 $500 to $1000 -Pastelles / mixed media on Art Papers
 $1000 to $7000  – Oils on linen or wood veneers.
The cost is made according to the size:  24″x 18″ up to 72″x 36″

Contact Oceanna to explore your Essence Journey (805) 331-1331

“The Artist is a Mystic, in that she will travel to the ‘Unseen’ world to retrieve and then return with those visual images.” ~  Joseph Campbell 


If ever there were a time to
Stand in our most potent truth
That time is NOW
If ever there were a Call to gather ones’ together
Who are dedicated to
the Evolution and Uplifting of awakening on earth
That time is NOW
If ever we are moved to shed any Self limiting beliefs, any split, arguing,
Self talk of questioning our worth or value
That time is NOW


Gather in flesh and spirit
ALL that you are, rising up in
this Is OUR time

WE are GREAT beyond Measure-

Oceanna Mana Lani