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The Sunlit Path: Passages and Writings
of the Mother

Art and Yoga

The discipline of Art has at its centre the same principle as the discipline of Yoga. In both, the aim is to become more and more conscious; in both you have to learn to see and feel something that is beyond the ordinary vision and feeling, to go within and bring out from there deeper things.

Painters have to follow a discipline for the growth of the consciousness of their eyes, which in itself is almost a Yoga. If they are true artists and try to see beyond and use their art for the expression of the inner world, they grow in consciousness by this concentration, which is not
other than the consciousness given by Yoga.

Living Art

...every painter has, or should have, a unique, personal contact with the Divine, and through the work which is her speciality, the art she has mastered, she must express this contact in her own way, with her own colours. For herself, instead of copying the outer form of Nature,
she takes these forms as the covering of something else, precisely of her relationship with the realities which are behind, and deeper and she tries to make them express that.

Instead of merely imitating what she sees, she tries to make them speak of what is behind them. It is this which makes all the difference between a living art and just a flat copy of Nature.



Artistic Inspirations