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Lomi Lomi and Huna

From Abraham Kawai'i:
" In training with Kahuna, there was no pen and pencil.
In training with Kahuna there were few words spoken. 95% of instruction was non-verbal. In that way you had to formulate your own roots. You had to initiate when the time came to initiate. You had to carry forth when the time came to carry forth. You had to know the time. You had to know the time that is within you by way of your feelings. How your body felt would give you the time to move, the time to open your eyes, the time to close your eyes, the time to think about a particular thing, and the time to look intensely at something...and
the time all flowed by Spirit..."

Kahu Abraham Kawai'i

Temple Style Lomi Lomi as practiced and taught by Oceanna, has come through the lineage of Kahuna Abraham Kawai'i from Kauai. My teacher, Wayne Kealohi Powell, studied directly with Abraham Kawai'i
and Serge Kahili King.

Abraham brought temple style Lomi Lomi out into the public domain in 1968. Before that time, this art form of Lomi Lomi was strictly held in a temple environment, meaning as sacred, and as a Rites of Passage Ceremony.
Kahu Abraham knew it was time to bring the deeper gifts of Lomi Lomi into the world access. There are only a few hundred practitioners in the world today that are offering this Temple Style Lomi Lomi Technique.

Recommended readings:

Wise Secrets of Aloha
Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim
This book is newly released.
The deeper experience of Lomi Lomi, Aloha, and the Kahuna are beautifully expressed through this writing.  You will feel the presence of Aloha while reading. This book is Highly recommended.

Urban Shaman

Serge Kahili King
Wonderful insights into the Huna Principles

Kahuna Healing

Serge Kahili King

Susan Zambucka
Beautifully illustrated stories of the Islands.

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