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Artistic Inspirations

And What of the Artists Life?

What is this ever deepening, inward call of the Artist? What pulls, calls, and commands the outer expression of the Artist’s inner landscapes?

Excuse me...I am pregnant, fully focused inwardly. I am gestating a thousand impulses into a message of color, shape and form. Will you understand my pre occupation...my other worldliness? For I am only partially here with you, while listening intently to an inner symphony.

The Artist’s challenge...
How clearly can one experience the vision and then bring that vision forward...uncompromised?
The Artist allows this spacious invitation to occur...to allow the art to blossom on the inside.
This art directs, guides, speaks, paints, dances, sings its messages through the human form.
When the current enters...it will expand the container.

This sweeping, mysterious, movement we call art...will truly permeate the soul and open the human to greater and greater vision.
We call this opening...Divine.
Inspiritus...filled with Spirit/God/Creation.

And what is my intention as Artist in all of this effort to create visual images for others to witness?

When the viewer can experience even a part of the epiphany that I feel in the moment of creation...
the piece is successful...the art has touched and moved another soul into a deep place of remembrance.







Artistic Inspirations