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Artist Statement/Bio

This art, this painting this
becoming empty,
has truely become my meditation,
and my love.

 Fully merges with the living world of oils.
The changing rhythm and heart beat
of each hue creates
a phenomenal ride
 of brilliant colors on canvas.

Years of study in the techniques of art,
have now escalated to intuitive, inspired,
visionary imagery.

Themes of Victory,
of Flesh and Spirit rising up
   to a greater cause,
to a greater calling,
this is the purpose of ART…
 to encourage, and
elevate the core sense of the viewer.

“If a viewer can experience
even a small taste of the
magnificent epiphany that I
experience in the
creation of the piece,
then this is
successful Art.”



As long as I can remember,
I have been drawing, painting, creating beauty. Fine Art major, UCLA, private teachers, challenging projects, artist’s model,  theater, costumes, exploring the world of geometry,and meditation has shaped my work. Preferring the intuitive over technique, I listen to the materials.. we dance.. I am always the student, always learning, and always surprised in this process.

Shows and Awards

Private show Santa Barbara, CA
Private show Santa Barbara, CA
2002 to 2004
Conscious Evolution Seminar Presentation
2005 to 2006
South Cone Trading Company Gallery,
High Point, SC
Gallery, Chicago, IL
Gallery, Bellingham, WA
Flames of the Heart, The Sacred Fire: Performance and Exhibit
Private commissions, Essence Art
Private commissions, Essence Art
Private commissions, Essence Art
Exhibit and Opening, The Healing LOFT
Santa Barbara, CA
Exhibit, Pacifica Graduate Institute
Santa Barbara, CA
Exhibit and Opening, Santa Barbara Wellness for Life

What is
Essence Art ?

Where 2 or more are gathered,
Essence Art is a collaboration between
my client and my Muse.
We sit together, we dream together,
We listen and see the deep soul colors and Geometric Codes
These deeper codes, inform the piece.
My task is to become receptive enough to realize the navigation of the client, to tune into the calling for the elevation of that Spirit.
These pieces are meant to encourage and inspire the owner to
as we remember together
the archetype, that is informing this physical form.
To encourage his or her vision, and passion, into ARRIVAL…
into the fullness of
Purpose, Vision , FULL fillment.

A Most Amazing Journey.

Pricing for Essence ART is
established according to the size, materials, and complexity of the piece.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Bodywork


Artistic Inspirations

Those who have influenced my work:

Alex Grey, Rumi, Joseph Campbell, Ariel Spilsbury, Neil Cohen, Dali, MichaelAngelo, Aubrey Beardsley, Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, Sulamith Wolfing, Susan Boulet, Degas. And the endless musicians whose music holds for me the deep rich resonance of Presence. Thank you all. And Nature and Nature and Nature in all her communion and glory, thank you.