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The depth of ART remains a mystery, it is unmeasurable timeless infinite. Yet the ARTIST is alive in each moment of consciousness.

ALCHEMY is literally to transform a foundational element into a more refined frequenc .Alchemy applies to a Thought, a Process, a Life alive in CHANGING.

The blank canvas presents a world of possibility. Inspiration, emotion, color, line, form these are the members of the family of visual ART – Combining the Relationships of family is SACRED GEOMETRY. and of course MUSIC is the divine sauce.

Sacred is a refinement and a setting apart from the mundane. Sacred requires attention, presence, respect, listening, responding in full consciousness. Come, lets create a sacred space inside the body temple, a sacred space in the environment/ climate of the studio space. And the 2 the inner world and outer world begin to dance and THAT DANCE will dance you the ARTIST. So lets begin.