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It is easy to see why Oceanna was called to be a teacher of this path. She is naturally gifted in bringing forth these ancient teachings. Her presentation of Huna, the "secret knowledge," becomes evident in a Lomilomi training by her selection of a sacred space, her connection with her teachers and guides, her dance and movement, her chant and song, her presentation of vital material, her insight and demonstration of the bodywork, her bringing in other teachers and key people, her holding presence and preserving the sacredness of the Way of Aloha, and even her silence, which may be just what is needed at the time. I feel truly honored to have been shown this path by Oceanna, and I intend to dedicate the rest of my life to Lomilomi and living Aloha. If you feel called by this path, by all means answer that call.

- Dana Stephens, Massage Therapist

I discovered Oceanna through the Internet, gave her a call, and found my way to receive a session of Lomi Lomi at her studio. Words cannot describe the grace I felt emanating through me during those two hours on the table (which later I found to be called an altar.) In short, I was reborn on that altar; born into a life to nurture my most luminous, joyous, blissful self. A month later, I trained with Oceanna's guidance and my life is gracefully opening to greater fullness. Lomi Lomi is not work in the traditional cultural view of "work." I have found this to be a path inward, a type of Yoga with the particular flavors and essence of beautiful Polynesian culture. What an amazing offering! I recommend this training to everyone ready to open into the full expression of their most loving Self. It is a path that nurtures the open field of possibility and plants only those sweet dreams that once lingered on the periphery into vibrant focus and profound living.

- Akane, Mother and Lomi Lomi student

Oceanna, I still think about my session with you and how you helped me start on my next intended path. To this extent I am profoundly grateful for the gift you gave me, mahalo. You are a healer and guide; and you handle that immense responsibility with both wisdom and love for the soul entrusted in your hands. I was also surprised at how much our practices have in common. If I had not known who you were beforehand, I would have easily thought you were another Tai Chi practitioner and follower of the Tao. I don't just mean that at the intellectual level, but the massage you gave was like a good push hands session from an experienced partner. This is only possible, in my experience, with a partner who truly understands and follows the principles. So, to receive the same flow of energy from someone who practices the ancient Hawaiian ways is just incredible.

- Cliff Hu, Tai Chi practitioner of 20 years

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