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Temple Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Bodywork Training
- Aloha Mana Level One -

Trainings: February and July 2008

FEBRUARY - 4 Day Refinement Training

Feb 22, 23, 24, 25 in Santa Barbara, CA. For massage therapists and returning students

JULY Training for Beginning Students
8 Days in Santa Barbara, CA
(dates to be announced)

ALOHA calls, listen to the breeze, the splash of the waves, the air is filled with Aloha. Listen, you are being called to The Aloha Spirit.
(Wise Secrets of Aloha by Harry Uhane Jim)

TEMPLE STYLE LOMI LOMI is A Path of Awareness. This path uses the tools of the HA Breath, Intention Prayer, The Dance of Flight and the Communion of Touch


The Hai Pule, Seed Prayer and Manifestation Ritual, Building personal Mana and receiving Aloha, The Dance of Flight, The 7 Hawaiian Principles, Kahi Loa / Natures Elements,
Traditional Lomi Lomi Bodywork Strokes.

You will receive a Certification for 80 hrs of Lomi Lomi Training 8 days / 10 hours each. In two four-day training sessions.

Each training is a profound personal growth doorway. You may come with no previous massage training to receive the feast of the Lomi Lomi Temple. Each training is an opportunity to learn a precious healing skill to
offer professionally in your life path


- Your belief system will change.
- Your power as a witness of grace receiving gratitude will come through the shift of your belief system.
- Your comfort zone will expand.
- You will learn how to create space.
- Your emotional body will evolve so as to communicate with you from Wise Secrets of Aloha.

“The teacher is already within. The gathering, the remembering, will bring the teachings forward.” - Oceanna


HUNA comes from ancient times, it is the original art and science of healing and spiritual development. HUNA is about empowerment:
HU - Active, NA - Passive.


I call it the Hawaiian vacation without the plane ride! Hawaii is a state of being within the body temple. Aloha is the Breath of the presence of God. Lomi Lomi’s primary definition is to raise the vibration of the receiver.


I was recently at a gathering of friends. Two people arrived from Peru feeling very “sick” with flu like symptoms, and looking a little grey around the edges. Another woman at the gathering laid flat on her back due to strong spasms and pain.

Later that evening we gathered in ceremony with the intention of “Raising the vibration.”
We sat, we dialogued the truth that was among us. We prayed,, we sang, and we began to laugh. After a few hours, the two people from Peru and the woman with the locked-up back
were dancing, laughing, without pain and in great joy, in the Radiance. This space is called in Hawaiian the Pa’a, The Now.

LOMI LOMI is about bringing the receiver into the space of the PA’A. LOMI LOMI is the sacred shift within you that is inspired by the kahuna.

“Lets start easy. We really want you to move the energy in your body into harmony, happiness and gratitude…so here’s your flight ticket – you are welcome to enter into the Hawaiian Temple of Lomi Lomi.”
From Harry Uhane Jim


Four Day 40 hrs - $900
Deposit of $300

JULY 2008
Eight Day 80 hrs - $1800
Deposit of $500


Oceanna began her formal massage training in 1998 in Santa Barbara CA, graduating from the School of Intuitive Touch. Lomi Lomi Aloha Mana training began in 2000 upon meeting her teacher, Wayne Kealohi Powell. Oceanna assisted trainings with her teacher from 2000 to 2002, and began offering her trainings in 2005.
Oceanna has spent many years and intensive training in meditation, community and Spirit-based life style. Mythic studies, art, music and heart-centered psychology has greatly deepened her path.

Oceanna can be reached
at (805) 331-1331


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